Sunday, March 13, 2005


MP opens football pitch

Steve Pound opened a new football pitch on the Gurnell Grove estate in Greenford. The Ealing Times article is here.


Assyrians in Iraq

A letter sent by Australian Assyrians to George W. Bush highlighted some of the efforts Steve Pound has made on behalf of the Assyrian community in Iraq.

You can read the text of the letter here.


Steve Pound on Ken Livingstone

In this This Is London article, Steve Pound is quoted as saying "Anyone who has known Ken for 10 minutes will know he is not anti-Semitic. But he should have apologised the moment the Standard reporter said he was Jewish and offended."

It is perhaps unsurprising that this article was on the This Is London website, the online wing of the Evening Standard, whose reporter took such offence at Ken's comments.


Commenting on Michael Howard's grandfather,

Steve Pound had the following to say:

"There is a certain element of 'do as I say, not as I do'. Michael Howard's grandfather was extremely lucky in two things, one in finding asylum in Britain and two that Michael Howard was not Home Secretary when he came here."

From this Telegraph article.


Parliament smoking ban

In an Independent article, (40 a day smoker) Steve Pound describes the banning of smoking in parliament as "a profound culture shock".

I'm afraid I can't link to the article as you have to pay to view it.


Assyrian Referees

Assyrian immigrants have shown "...prowess as football referees in the Middlesex amateur league..." according to Steve Pound, quoted in this article.


Stephen Pounds long lost daughter

There have been many articles concerning Stephen Pound's long-lost daughter, but this BBC article sums it all up neatly enough.

The essence being that Steve Pound fathered a child in the 1960s, but the mother kept the pregnancy a secret. The daughter tracked her father down via Friends Reunited. Mr Pound's family, and the family of his daughter have all been very supportive. Mr Pound described it as "...a pretty horrible thing with a pretty happy ending."


Lack of updates

Apologies. I've been busy with other things. I'll attempt to catch up with things this afternoon.

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