Saturday, December 04, 2004


Catching Up

I've been a bit slack about updates recently - sorry about that. So I'll stick all the recent stuff in this post. Starting with:

22nd October: Stephen Pound calls for an Administrative Region for the ChaldoAssyrian Christians of Iraq.

30th October: Stephen Pound on the Gambling Bill "I just really think that we have made a terrible mistake here...over all of it hangs the shadow of the men in the chalk-stripe suits with names that rhyme with spaghetti.”.

4th November: Chancellor Gordon Brown thanks Steve Pound for his work towards a new building at Downe Manor Primary School in Northolt.

8th November: Steve Pound speaks out against gambling bill: "No-one has ever come up to me on Greenford Broadway and said that what this area really needs is a local Las Vegas, but the Government seems to believe that MPs are crying out for a constituency Caesar's Palace to "regenerate" the area. We have a system that works and if it's not broken let's not try to fix it. Unless I see more concessions from the Government I'll be voting against at the third reading.".

21st November: Steve Pound on last minute amendments to the hunting bill: "Madness, pure madness.".

25th November: Steve Pound attends opening of Gifford Primary School, in Greenhill Gardens, Northolt, along with Fame Academy star Kwame Kwei-Armah.

and saving the best for last:

26th November: Steve Pound regrets choice of bedfellow: "I got no sleep and could not settle down to read Harold Wilson's History of the Labour government 1974 to 1979 because Russell was snoring so loudly the windows were rattling. It's the last time I spend the night with a Liberal Democrat", he said.

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